Top Generator Brands: Who Makes Generators [Updated] 2023

Today I will enlist the best generator brands who makes generators.

I have researched about 200+ brands and made a list of top generator companies in the world who make reliable generators.

Whenever it comes to finding a reliable generator for personal use, the choice is never an easy one to make.

  • The first reason for this struggle includes an inflated market, which has allowed the manufacturers to increase the prices of these machines.
  • The second reason is the presence of too many brands and models that finding a reliable one becomes a headache.

So, in that worrisome situation, you need to become brand conscious if you want your generator to work for many years to come.

In this context, we will discuss some of the best generator brands of 2022.

Not only that, but we will also focus on one other question, i.e., who makes the most reliable generators?

I will try to resolve the mystery of “what are the best brands of generators to buy.” I will also tell you about the manufacturer and their location.

After getting info about best and reliable brands; before buying your generator must read the guide about “how to choose a portable generator?” This guide will help you a lot in making your final decision.

So, have a look, without any further ado:

Best Generator Brands Who Makes Top Rated Generators

A lot more remaining into picking best backup generator brands for whole house and other usage. I wish I could cover all the generator brands in the world but I have to shorten this section. In future I will add more in top generators companies list.

  1. Who Makes Predator Generators

Predator Generators are made by a well-known company “Harbor Freight Tools”. Predator is one of the most reliable brands based in California-USA.

The brand manufactures some top-notch generators that could work out best in panic power outage situations.

The company Harbor Freight Tools owns Predator generators. It’s based in the U.S. However, the manufacturing and assembling of Predator generators might vary.

Harbor Freight Tools actually outsource their production part, which means the generators from Predator gets assembled somewhere in mainland China.

Read here everything about Predators Engines.

  1. Who Makes DuroMax Generators

Wanna know about who makes Duromax generators?

Here it is: DuroMax generators are produced by the well-known company “DuroPower”. DuroPower is a California-based company that specializes in making Duromax generators.

The brand is known for reliability and affordability. So far we have seen 20 different generator models from DuroPower available in the market right now.

As for the manufacturing part, the engine and other peripherals get manufactured in China. However, the design, structure, and assembling take place in the States.

Must read the comparison guide about Duromax Engine vs Predator.

  1. Who Makes Champion Generators

The portable generators from Champion are getting quite famous in the United States recently. The company behind this brand is “Champion Power Equipment”, which is yet again based in California

However, the whole manufacturing and assembling part takes place in Zhejiang, China.

With that said, Champion Power Equipment engineers and designs these machines in California.

  1. Who Makes Ford Generators

Ford is, in fact, one of the most popular automobile brands worldwide.

Recently some Ford generators have also risen in the market and they offer an exceptional service.

Ford Generators are made by “Ford Power Equipment”. Generators are licensed under Ford trademark, Abbey Access Ltd and Pulsar Inc, is actually the main company behind manufacturing and distributing them. It’s a UK-based company. 

Plus, the major assembling of these machines happens in various parts of Asia.

  1. Who Makes Powermate Generators

The company behind Powermate generators is none other than Pramac, which is licensed for manufacturing portable machines in Long Grove, Illinois.

The parent distribution company is European based as the headquarters of Pramac is located in Italy.

An interesting twist about the Powermate generators is that the distribution and manufacturing rights have now been acquired by Generac from Pramac.

  1. Who Makes Firman Generators

A China based company “Sinomac” is manufacturing Firman Generators.

  1. Who Makes WestingHouse Generators

WestingHouse generators are designed by a USA based company “WestingHouse” while manufactured by China. Company’s headquarters are present in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

  1. Who Makes WEN Generators

WEN Generators are manufactured and structured in China. But they are designed based company WEN. WEN’s headquarters are located in Elgin, Illinois.

  1. Who Makes DuroStar Generators

“Dexin International Inc” is producing DuroStar Generators. Its a USA Based company.

  1. Who Makes CAT Generators

CAT generators are designed in Peoria and Northern Ireland while they are manufactured in China by “Rato Power Manufacturing Co.”

  1. Who Makes Pulsar Generators

Pulsar is USA based company. They design and manufacture their generators in the USA. their headquarters are located in Illinois and California.

  1. Who Makes Black Max Generators

BlackMax is a USA-based company. They manufacture generators powered by Honda engines. Their service centers are located in South Carolina- USA

  1. Who Makes Gentron Generators

Gentron generators are designed by JP North America a USA-based company. These generators are manufactured and assembled by Chang-Zhou in China.

  1. Who Makes Generac Generators

Generac Generators are designed by USA based Generac Power System Inc company. These generators are made in China.

  1. Who Makes Smarter Tools Generators

Smarter tool generators are designed and manufactured by a China-based company.

  1. Who Makes Sportsman Generators

Sportsman generators are available from Buffalo Tools – an international brand specializing in affordable and quality goods for home, office or industrial use.

The motors of these generators are made in China. Then The Buffalo Tools company, based in St. Louis, Missouri, imports these motors from China to America.

Final Verdict

Mostly top best generator brands: who makes generators are based in the United States.

Basic manufacturing and assembling happen in China as it costs less and is more viable rather than assembling in the States.

Keep in mind that the structuring, design, engineering, and shape of the generators still happen in different states of America.

That’s all from our side. Hope this guide will help you select a reliable generator brand in near future.

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